Short & Long Term Radio Rental

Radio Trunk has an extensive range of Two-Way Radio mobile and portable radios, available for Short & Long Term Rental.

Delivered next day to any location within the Greater Durban area, our leading brand equipment reaches you fully serviced, fully operational, and to your complete satisfaction.

We have the latest, most up to date, licensed Two-Way Radios in stock. All radio packages include rapid chargers, either in single or multiple configurations, depending on your requirement.

Accessories such as earpieces, speaker microphones and headsets can also be supplied at competitive rates. Carry cases come standard with all our hire radios, in order to give the radios maximum protection in all environments.

Why Companies Rent from Radio Trunk

  • Solutions for every requirement
  • Large inventory of radios
  • Next day delivery at competitive prices
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates available
  • All equipment tested before being dispatched to customers
  • Standby technician available, if required, for large events
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Office based centrally in Pinetown
  • All radios supplied are ICASA approved and fully licensed
  • Friendly and efficient staff always willing to go the extra mile

For help, information, or to place an order, please call us and we will provide you with a complete solution for all your requirements.


Radio Trunk has an extensive range of PTT Mobile and Portable Radios available for Short & Long term Rental.

Delivered next day to any location within the Greater Durban area, our leading brand equipment reaches you fully serviced, fully operational, and to your complete satisfaction.

We have the latest, most up to date, PTT radios in stock. All PTT Radio packages include chargers, either in single or multiple configurations, depending on your requirement.

Multiple PTT Radios are delivered in cases designed for easy transportation as well as for the protection of the PTT radio equipment.

No matter what the event is, talk to us and we will program & structure the PTT radios to suit your particular requirements. Should it be necessary, a technician can be on hand to ensure all runs smoothly.


Two-Way Radio Repairs

Radio Trunk has a state of the art radio repair workshop facility. The business owner is fully qualified in the field of Radio Communications, with experience in excess of 30 years.

We pride ourselves in providing back-up support for all major brands of Two-Way Radio Equipment available in South Africa.

Our workshop test equipment is periodically sent for calibration to ensure that we are able to service and repair your radio equipment to the highest possible standards.

We carry an extensive range of radio spares for all the major brands of equipment.

Contact us for all your radio repair requirements.


Two-Way Radio

A Community Repeater is a Repeater that uses multiple tone codes or digital codes to accommodate multiple users on the same Repeater.
It is a cost-effective way to share one repeater for non-critical radio communications. Only one user can talk at a time, so, therefore, other users have to wait until the channel is clear before they can call.

How does a Community Repeater work?
The operation of a Community Repeater is accomplished by using radio waves on different frequencies (a frequency pair), therefore allowing the repeater to transmit and receive at the same time. A Repeater Station will only re-transmit what it receives, so if the radio signal received from your radio is poor, then the re-transmitted signal will also be poor.

The task of the repeater is to re-transmit your radio transmission such that the receiving radios, who might ordinarily not receive your transmission due to obstacles in the way, receive a good clear transmission. Therefore, factors such as the Repeater Receiver Sensitivity, Repeater Height above sea level and Repeater Transmit Power all play a role in ensuring the Community Repeater operates best for a given Geographic Area.

Radio Trunk operates an extensive community repeater station service in the Greater Durban, South Coast and Pietermaritzburg areas. Radio Trunk only uses the best commercial quality equipment on well-appointed High Sites. All Radio Trunk sites have adequate battery back-up, to ensure minimum or zero downtime during power outages or load shedding.

Radio Trunk will be happy to assist you with a package that will suit your requirements. So whether your requirement is large or small, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Digital Radio Communications

Radio Trunk embraces the move towards Digital Radio Communications and has invested in the training of staff in this regard. Digital Radio offers far more possibilities and functionality than conventional Analog Radio.

For example, a single Analog Repeater only offers one channel that can be used at one time, while a Digital Repeater offers two channels that can be used simultaneously, without the one channel affecting the other. Digital Radio also offers many features not possible with a conventional Two-Way Radio.

Radio Trunk will gladly assist you with migration from Analog to Digital in the best and most cost-effective way.

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Radio Trunk is an accredited Service Provider for Altech Fleetcall, Trunked Radio Network. The Fleetcall Network has been in existence since 1994 and is the single largest Network Operator in South Africa. Radio Trunk, as a Service Provider for the Fleetcall Network, can assist you with all your Trunked Radio Communication requirements across South Africa.

At present, Fleetcall is embarking on a nationwide Digitization of their Network, focusing on the main metropolitan areas of the country. The Greater Durban area was launched in 2015 and is now complete. Most of the country is now fully Digitized with only the remote areas still only on Analog.

Radio Trunk is able to offer you various Airtime and Rental packages to suit your particular requirements. Regional and National Airtime packages are available.

Trunked Radio is an extremely cost-effective means of communicating, as the pricing structure is based on Unlimited Calls at a flat rate per month. The Fleetcall Network subsidizes Radio Equipment, which makes Trunking an attractive option.

Industries such as Security, Courier Transport and Heavy Transport, to mention a few, use Trunked Radio Communication as in their preferred mode of communication. Last but not least, Trunked Radios have the ability to make and receive Telephone Calls, which further enhances the capability of the radio.

Individual Calls
Individual Calls are calls made from one radio user to another radio user. The remaining radios in the fleet will not be part of this call. Each Trunked Radio has a unique ID Number within the fleet. To call another radio in the fleet, one simply enters the ID number of the called radio or a name is selected in the Memo list. Once selected, a simple press of the microphone button initiates the call.

When the call is made, an indication of the availability of the called party is given i.e. busy, available or not available.

The length of the call is limited to 90 seconds, however, there is no limit to the number of calls that can be made. If this limit were not in place, valuable capacity would be used needlessly.

Group Calls
Group Calls are made from one radio to many radios. Group Calls are mainly limited to radios connected to the same radio repeater site. For example, if you want to make a call to 100 vehicles parked in the depot at one time, this can be done. However, if the vehicles were spread across the country, it would not be possible to make a group call to all of them. The call would only reach those vehicles connected to the same site.

PSTN Calls – Telephone Calls
Besides making regular radio calls, Trunked Radios have the ability to make and receive telephone calls. Incoming calls to the radio are not billed by the Network. For example, if you are in Johannesburg, a local Telkom number would be dialled, followed by a code unique to the called radio. Outgoing calls from the radio are billed at approximately cellular rates. This feature is very handy, especially for making emergency calls after hours when the office is closed.

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Two Way Radio

Radio Trunk only uses the best quality commercial equipment on well-appointed and secure High Sites.

All Radio Trunk sites have adequate battery back-up, to ensure minimum or zero downtime during power outages or load shedding, which many of our customers rely upon for mission-critical communications.

Radio Trunk operates an extensive community repeater station service in the Greater Durban, South Coast and Pietermaritzburg areas.

Radio Trunk can assist you with establishing High Sites for your voice communication, alarm data communication and broadband networks.

Radio Trunk can also assist you in establishing sites in areas outside of the Durban Metropolitan area.

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Security Radios

Radio Trunk is actively involved with Communities in the Greater Durban area, partnering with the major Security Companies in supplying cost-effective Neighbourhood Watch Radios for use by members of the community.

Radio Trunk assisted in the installation of numerous repeater stations to enable radios supplied to Neighbourhood Watches, to communicate on a wider field than would be possible in direct radio to radio mode.

Neighbourhood Watches have been instrumental in not only connecting ordinary residents of our communities in getting to know and assist one another but also in the vital role in being a visible deterrent to would-be criminals. Neighbourhood Watches play an important role and are a vital link between ordinary residents and our Security Companies.

Call us now to equip your community with Neighbourhood Watch Radios.


Off Road Radio Association [ORRA]

Radio Trunk is an accredited 4X4 Radio Dealer of the Off-Road Radio Association, commonly known as ORRA. Should you be a 4X4 enthusiast and belong to a recognised Four Wheel Drive Club, you are eligible to use ORRA VHF frequencies.

Radio Trunk can assist you with all your 4X4 Radio Communication equipment and accessory requirements.

The procedure to obtain authority from ORRA can be obtained on the ORRA web site. This User Authorization allows Individual Members to make use of the ORRA Licensed Frequencies within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa as well as in Botswana & Namibia, depending on what you apply for.

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