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Radio Communication has evolved enormously since the advent of Digital Radio technology. Not only is the communication audio quality crystal clear in areas where Analog quality would be poor, Digital technology offers a number of features and functions that are not possible using Analog Radio. 

The Digital revolution has also made it possible for Press-To-Talk PTT Radio Communication over GSM Cellular Networks. This technology has now made it possible to communicate on a Wide-Area basis Nationally, using hand-held radios in most cases. No infrastructure such as repeaters are required, as the communication is over GSM.

Radio Trunk will assist you and your business in choosing which technology is best suited for your particular requirements. We will be very happy to advise you with your decision making.

  • Communicate Direct Radio to Radio or Communicate via Repeater Station?
  • Communicate using Press-to-Talk PTT Radio over GSM Networks for National Coverage?


Short & Long Term Rentals

Radio Trunk can assist you with providing any number of Conventional Two-Way Radios or Press-To-Talk Radios PTT for both Short-Term or Long-Term rental.

We have packages for daily, weekly or monthly durations as well as for longer terms.

On-Site Radio Coverage 

There's an extensive range of the latest models of Mobile & Portable Two-Way radios in stock available.

Wide Area Radio Coverage

For Wide-Area Coverage, Push to Talk PTT radio is the most effective type of communication device available. It provides both Voice as well as Device Tracking functionality. These radios can operate across the entire country. In addition to voice communication, all these radios have built-in GPS functionality, which means you can see, in real time, where all the radios are at any given time. 

Delivery or Collection

Delivered to you next day to any location within the Greater Durban area, or collected from us, our leading brand equipment reaches you fully serviced, fully operational, and to your complete satisfaction.  

All Radio packages include chargers, either in single or multi-way configurations, as well as cases to carry all equipment. This aides enormously in hassle free charging as well as in transportation of the equipment.


All portable radios are supplied, at no additional cost, with leather carry cases, in order to protect the radio equipment.

Optional accessories such as earpieces, speaker microphones and headsets can also be supplied at competitive rates.

Why Companies Rent from Radio Trunk

  • Solutions for every requirement.
  • Large inventory of radios.
  • Next day delivery at competitive prices.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates available.
  • All equipment tested before being dispatched to customers.
  • Standby technician available, if required, for large events.
  • Professionally trained staff.
  • All radios supplied are ICASA approved and fully licensed.
  • Friendly and efficient staff always willing to go the extra mile.

Two-Way Radio Repairs

Radio Trunk has a state-of-the-art radio repair workshop facility managed by Deven Naidoo, our Workshop Manager, with 17 years experience in all technical aspects of the industry. Terry Wattrus, the business owner is fully qualified in the field of Radio Communications, with experience in excess of 30 years.

We pride ourselves in providing back-up support for all major brands of Two-Way Radio Equipment available in South Africa.

Our workshop test equipment is periodically sent for calibration to ensure that we are able to service and repair your radio equipment to the highest possible standards.

We carry an extensive range of radio spares for all the major brands of equipment.

Community Repeaters and Private Repeater Stations

Community Repeater Stations

Radio Trunk has an extensive Community Repeater Station network, offering shared services to multiple customers. This mode of communication is however being rapidly replaced by Press-to-Talk (PTT) radio communication due to it's extensive coverage and ease of use.

Private Repeater Stations

Often, entities such as Farmers, Schools, Universities, Game Lodges, Business, require the use of a single Repeater Station, or multiple Repeater Stations. Radio Trunk will assist with obtaining ICASA licenses on behalf of such entities. We assist our customers with all the help they need with the application, free of charge.

Why use a Repeater Station

Repeater Stations are vital when Direct Radio to Radio Communication does not offer satisfactory communication quality due to factors such as a large area to be covered, unusually hilly terrain or perhaps a dense urban area that needs coverage. A Repeater Station, positioned in the correct location, will ensure a far better better and clearer communication service in such situations.

It is still by far the cheapest form of communication when the area to be covered is not unduly large. It is still widely used due to the instant connection between one to many radios or one to one radio.  

Radio Trunk operates an extensive community repeater station service in the Greater Durban, South Coast and Pietermaritzburg areas, using only uses the best commercial quality equipment on well-appointed High Sites. All Radio Trunk sites have adequate battery back-up, to ensure minimum or zero downtime during power outages or load shedding. 

High Sites

Digital Two-Way Radio Communication

Radio Trunk embraces the move towards Digital Two-Way Radio Communications and has invested in the training of staff in this regard. Digital Two-Way Radio offers far more possibilities and functionality than conventional Analog Two-Way Radio.

For example, a single Analog Repeater offers one voice channel that can be used at one time, while a Digital Repeater offers two channels that can be used simultaneously, without the one channel affecting the other. Digital Radio also offers many features not possible with a conventional Two-Way Radio.

We will gladly assist you with migration from Analog to Digital in the best and most cost-effective way.

Security Radios - Neighbourhood Watch Communities

Radio Trunk is actively involved with Communities in the Greater Durban area, partnering with the major Security Companies in supplying cost-effective Neighbourhood Watch Radios for use by members of the community.

We assisted in the installation of numerous repeater stations to enable radios, supplied to Neighbourhood Watches, to communicate on a wider field than would be possible in direct Radio to Radio mode.

Neighbourhood Watches have been instrumental in not only connecting ordinary residents of our communities in getting to know and assist one another but also in the vital role in being a visible deterrent to would-be criminals. Neighbourhood Watches play an important role and are a vital link between ordinary residents and our Security Companies.

4 x 4 Radios

Radio Trunk is an accredited 4X4 Radio Dealer of the Off-Road Radio Association, commonly known as ORRA. Should you be a 4X4 enthusiast and be a paid-up member of a recognized Four Wheel Drive Club, you are eligible to use ORRA VHF frequencies.

The procedure to obtain authority from ORRA can be obtained on the ORRA website. This User Authorization allows Individual Members to make use of the ORRA Licensed Frequencies within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa. Use in Botswana & Namibia is also possible at an additional cost to ORRA's standard fee. All information regarding the use of these frequencies can be obtained from ORRA. Call us if you are in any doubt and we will be happy to advise and assist you. Once authorization is obtained from ORRA, Radio Trunk will then be in a position to assist you with all your 4X4 Radio Communication equipment and accessory requirements.

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