Effective communication keeps 
things running smoothly.  

Two-way and push-to-talk radios offer immediate, reliable communication when you need it, wherever you need it. 

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How radio streamline your business communication

Reach many people instantly at the touch of a button.

Cell phones are ideal for one-to-one communication, where radios allow for one-to-many communication. Reach your whole team, fast and effectively.

A simple, reliable and effective tool to be in constant communication.

No signal, no problem. Radios operate on a completely different system and is not dependant on your cellphone network, keeping you connected at all times.

Cost-effective with no surprise airtime bills.

Two- way radio running costs are minimal, and at a fixed rate. With no monthly airtime bill, you're saving all the way. 

Where to use your radio equipment


In instances where you have to be on high alert, such as fire fighting and fire prevention, security groups on farms, or simply day-to-day operations managing staff and coordinating activities, radios can be used in direct radio-to-radio (or simplex) mode or through a repeater station (half-duplex mode) to reach an individual or groups of people at once.


Radios offer clear communication across noisy construction sites and are incredibly convenient for the day-to-day management of developments and estates.


Coordinate and manage your event with ease, keeping your team organised, while keeping competitors and spectators safe.


Safely communicate with drivers on the road with simple push-to-talk radio technology.


Where people's safety is on the line, clear, quick communication becomes a life-or-death situation. Radios allow for effective coordination between control rooms, armed response teams and guards out on patrol.


Easy ship-to-shore communication regardless of your vessel's size.
IMPORTANT: By law all ski-boats are required to have a VHF marine radio with digital selective calling (DSC) functionality equipped.


Health + Safety: cover large grounds, paging solutions, emergency response. 

Hospitality: reach all, or specific departments, from housekeeping to food + beverage with the push of a button.
Manufacturing + Warehousing: keep production lines moving, create separate channels for each department.

Property + Facilities Management: from golf course maintenance, property development, garden maintenance to cleaning - know where everyone is at any given time. 

School + Campus Management: keep schools and campuses safe and reach your whole team at once with ease. 

Waste + Environmental Management: reach refuse + recycling and water + sanitation teams while out on route easily and cost-effectively. 

Why work with us

We do it all.

We are a one-stop-shop - we sell, install and service all leading radio equipment brands.

Our friendly and helpful staff will guide you in finding exactly the right equipment for your needs. 

Local + national coverage

We have an extensive community repeater system and provide cost-effective two-way radio coverage in the Greater Durban region, North Coast, South Coast Kwa-Zulu Natal and Midlands areas. Outside of these areas we can assist you in applying to ICASA for your own dedicated frequency.

Technical Support

Our technicians offer 24/7 standby support for critical industries (first responders and security) . 

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