We specialise in Two-Way Radio Communication Solutions

This includes sales, service, rental & repairs of ICASA approved equipment.

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By assisting you to find the best possible solution for your unique two-way radio communication requirements.

Technology is always on the move. . . as is Radio Trunk

Keeping up with the latest technology to supply lasting communication solutions
for you. 

Here are a few things about Radio Trunk . . .

  • We are a fully licensed, ICASA approved Two-Way Radio Communications Company.
  • We keep customers compliant by supplying ICASA approved equipment.  
  • We supply durable, quality equipment & accessories at competitive market prices.
  • Our team is empowered to keep up with current technology and market trends in two-way radio communications products & systems.
  • Honesty, integrity and transformation are inclusive to our team based business model.

Our Team . . .

Terry & Wendy Wattrus

Terry & Wendy Wattrus

Managing Members

For the past 40 years, Terry Wattrus has been in the two-way radio industry. He is a qualified Radio Communications specialist and is involved in all technical aspects of the business.

Human Resources and Finances are managed by Wendy Wattrus who has had 30 years in the two-way radio industry. She enjoys sharing her business knowledge and encouraging staff to empower themselves. 

Ronald Naicker

Ronald Naicker

Operations Manager

Ronald joined our team as a Field Technician 13 years ago. He gained considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of the business. His attention to detail and affable disposition soon afforded him a promotion to Operations Manager.

He has thrived in this position and continues to upgrade himself with advancements in the industry. This enables him to assist customers with competence and ensures that they receive the latest expert advice.

Deven Naidoo

Workshop MAnager

Deven has been employed by Radio Trunk for 17 years. He has exceptional knowledge of all technical aspects in the business. 

In order to keep up with industry standards, he continually upgrades his technical knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

He is skilled in programming, installations and repairs of radio equipment to ensure our customers always get optimal radio communications.

Nolene Reddy - Ronald Naicker - Wendy Wattrus

Admin TEam

Nolene Reddy has been a valuable team member at Radio Trunk for the past 8 years. She works closely with Ronald and Wendy in Administration and Operations to ensure the smooth running of the business. Her ability to multi task is a great asset to achieve best results in this department.

Radio Trunk Admin Team
Radio Trunk Technical Team

Deven Naidoo - Lucky Zulu - Riccardo Joseph

Technical TEam

Riccardo is our Senior Field Technician and has been a team player at Radio Trunk for the past 11 years. His enthusiasm and passion for his work is of great value to Radio Trunk and the team.

For the past 8 years, he has mentored our Junior Field Technician, Lucky Zulu. Both men have worked hard in the field to ensure that customers equipment is correctly installed, serviced and is kept in good working order.

Our Story . . . 

Terry Wattrus founded Radio Trunk in July 2000. Prior to this, he and a business partner established and managed a two-way radio communications business and a security alarm company in the Natal Midlands for a number of years.

After the successful sale of these business entities, he relocated to Durban and was employed as Technical Manager for a company in the industry for a period of 2.5 years until he decided to challenge his entrepreneurial spirit once again.

Starting again was very difficult but sheer grit, determination and tenacity have ensured that this family business still continues to operate & thrive in this tough economic environment. The responsibility of employing people with families is taken very seriously and gives us purpose to strive and to remain relevant in our industry.

Our business has experienced continual change in technology, with respect to all aspects of Two-Way Radio Communications and its systems. We have successfully navigated the transition from analogue radios to trunking radios, digital radios and now GSM based Push to Talk (PTT) technology. This gives you a glimpse of how challenging staying relevant in this industry is in today’s market.

We pride ourselves in meticulous attention to detail, the willingness to upgrade our technical knowledge and ensure staff training is undertaken in all aspects of two- way radio communication. This effectively ensures a happy work environment with an efficient, enthusiastic, loyal and hardworking team.

Our Accreditation. .

ICASA Authorised Dealer

Our ICASA Radio Dealer License Number is 470-726-6

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